Friday, October 22, 2010

Remote Installation Services and PXE

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  1. You work for a help desk and a customer calls you because he needs you to guide him in the process of allowing his users to use RIS (Remote Installation Services) to install Microsoft Windows XP Professional on their computers. The customer wants to test RIS with a new user, first. The user does not currently have an Active Directory Account. The computer the user will use to install the OS currently runs Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional. It has a network interface adapter that is not Pre-boot Execution (PXE-enabled). The customer has already created a PXE boot disk. The customer needs to know if the user will be able to install the operating system.
The user will not be able to install the OS because she does not yet have a domain account.
How To Use Remote Installation Service to Install Windows Server 2003 on Remote Computers
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