Thursday, June 14, 2012

How I Got My Macbook's Cracked LCD Panel Repaired

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This photo belongs to Jerry Bunkers
If you ever travel with your laptop, be sure to put it in a carryon designed for laptops.

As you know, airlines have a limit for the number of bags you can carry on a flight. You are allowed one small carryon and one personal bag. If you exceed that amount, those bags must be checked.  On a recent flight, I packed my Macbook securely, so I thought, between clothing in the carryon luggage. There was not enough room in the carryon to put the laptop case inside, where it would have been more secure. I couldn't carry the laptop in a separate carryon because my other carryon was my purse. My rational was the laptop would be safe because the carryon was with me and I wouldn't be throwing the bag around like the luggage handlers do.