Friday, October 29, 2010

Internet Explorer problems

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You are having problems with Internet Explorer. When you visit a website, old pages seem to appear. At first, you thought the websites were not being updated, but then you checked the websites on another computer, and saw that the pages were different. What should you do to correct the problem?

On the General tab of Internet Options, in the Temporary Files section, click on the Settings tab. Four options are available to set for Internet Explorer to check for new web pages: Every visit to the page, Everytime you start Internet Explorer, Automatically, Never. It is likely you had the selection set to Never.
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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Local Users and Groups

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You hire temps to scan documents and print to a local printer in your office. The temps will be using one computer. Security settings do not permit the temps to access the local printer. The computer is a member of an Active Directory Domain and the all actions performed by the temps must be audited. What actions should be performed to allow the temps to print and to permit auditing of the temps activities?

Create five local user accounts. Because the temps will use only one computer, they will not have accounts in the domain.
Create a local group named Temps. You can then grant the Temps group access to the local printer.
Add each local account to the Temps local group.
Allow each Temp to log on using his or her local account. This allows audit settings to apply to the individual Temps.
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Tuesday, October 26, 2010


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You are having problems using a bill payment Web application provided by your bank. Your computer runs MS Windows XP Pro with Internet Explorer. When you click on a link on the bank’s Web site, a message is presented indicating that cookies are not enabled. When you visit the link directly, this problem does not occur. What should you do?

Configure Internet Explorer to allow third party cookies.

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Monday, October 25, 2010

ActiveX Controls

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The claims representatives in your company access a corporate Web site and and update customer claims. The Web site uses several unsigned ActiveX controls to enhance user experience. The Web server is located behind a firewall. A claims representative cannot use the site because he is unable to download ActiveX controls. No other users are experiencing the problem.

The Local Intranet zone should be configured to allow unsigned ActiveX controls to be downloaded and run. By default, the Local Intranet zone in configured to disable the downloading and running of unsigned ActiveX controls.

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Inkjet Printer

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 What is the function of the nozzle gate in an inkjet printer?

Answer:  Controls whether ink is flowing from the ink cartridge.  When an inkjet printer starts printing, the nozzle gate opens and allows the nozzle to spray ink onto the paper.  After printing is stopped, the nozzle gate shuts down to stop the flow of ink. 

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Laser Printer

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Your laser printer repeatedly prints vertical lines through the page.  What is the probable cause?

Answer:  A problem with the corona wires or the drum.  You  probably have some debris caught between the wipe blade and the drum.  

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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Dot Matrix Printer

What printer type can print multi-part forms?

Answer:  Dot-matrix.  Multi-part forms, often referred to as carbon copies, have two or more sheets of paper per page. The daisy-wheel printer is higher print quality compared to a dot-matrix printer, but the daisy-wheel printer is limited to printing text and the dot-matrix printer can print text and graphics.

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Laser printer prints vertical black line

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Your laser printer recently began printing a vertical black line near the edge of every printed page.  What should you do to resolve this problem?

Answer:  Replace the toner cartridge.  Toner, the laser equivalent of ink, is a fine powdery mixture of pigment typically made from iron or carbon and an easily melted polymer or wax binder.  When the toner cartridge is almost empty, the laser printer may begin to print a black line on the side of each page.  Another cause of vertical black lines is a scratch on the drum.  The cartridge contains the drum.

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Printed sheets are smudged and smeared

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You just replaced the toner cartridge in your laser printer and printed sheets are smudged and smeared.  What should you do first to repair this problem?

Answer:  Run a few copies to clear any excess toner.
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How to start/stop print spooler service

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You are installing a new printer in the network.  When you check the print server properties, it displays the following error:

Server properties cannot be viewed. The print spooler service is not running.

What should you do to resolve the issue?

Answer:  Run the net start spooler command.  This command is used from the command prompt to restart the Printer Spooler service.

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