Friday, November 5, 2010

Computer monitor print hard to read

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Craig is currently testing a new game that supports only a screen resolution of 1024x760 with 16 million colors. Craig changed the screen resolution but complains it is hard for him to read the items on the screen. What should you tell Craig to resolve the problem?

Change fonts dots per inch (DPI) setting. DPI represents the number of dots used to represent the font. The larger the setting is, the easier it is to read the font.

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Paper jams on a laser printer

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You have been having frequent paper jam problems with your laser printer for the last year, even though the humidity in your office is never too high or too low.

What should you do?

Answer:  Install a maintenance kit.  Paper jams occur when a paper is stuck in the printer or due to malfunctioning pickup rollers and registration rollers.  Installing a maintenance kit will replace paper pickup rollers.  The maintenance kit includes a fuser, a transfer roller, a pickup roller, a registration roller, and six feed rollers.  After installing the maintenance kit, print a test page and reset the page counter.  If your printer has multiple paper trays, you will need to print a test page for each paper tray.

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