Wednesday, June 9, 2010

SCSI Termination

You have both internal and external devices on a SCSI chain.  All devices are Fast SCSI-2 devices.  How should you place terminators for the SCSI bus?

Answer:  Place an active terminator on both end devices on the chain.  Active terminators are required for Fast or Wide SCSI, according to SCSI-2 specification.  Each end of the SCSI bus must be terminated.

SCSI Termination Tutorial
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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Network Troubleshooting

Ethernet card on RTL8139C controller. This is ...Image via Wikipedia
A user is unable to connect to a file server on your 10BaseT network (twisted pair Ethernet), although he is able to connect to folders on other computers.  A single hub exists on the network.  10BaseT Twisted Pair Ethernet  What hardware problems should you investigate?

Answer:  Either a defective network interface card (NIC) on the file server or a defective hub port connected to the file server would prevent users from connecting to the file server.  A defective cable between the file server and the hub would prevent communications between users and the server.  Client/server communication problems can also be related to software issues.  The user may not have permission to access the file server, or the user may not have the correct name or address of the file server.  If the network has multiple subnets, problems could occur because of incorrect subnet mask settings or incorrect gateway address
Advanced Network Adapter troubleshooting for Windows workstations
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