Friday, June 18, 2010

Steps to take to Increase Windows XP Performance

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You are running several applications at once in Windows XP, and performance starts to slow down.  What can you do to improve the response time without turning off the computer?

Answer:  Increase the size of the PAGEFILE.SYS.

The virtual memory page file is PAGEFILE.SYS, in Windows XP.  PAGEFILE.SYS is used as a temporary storage area for data when main memory capacity is exceeded.

Increasing the size of this file increases the available storage area and improves system performance.  To change the size of PAGEFILE.SYS, go to the START button.  Click on SETTINGS, CONTROL PANEL, SYSTEM, ADVANCED, PERFORMANCE, OPTIONS, CHANGE. Select the Drive list, and click the drive that contains the paging file you want to change.  Under Paging file size for the selected drive, type a new paging file size in megabytes in the Initial size (MB) or Maximum size (MB) box, then click Set.  The optimal paging file settings allow Windows to manage the paging file size.

Steps To Take to Increase Windows XP Performance

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