Thursday, December 23, 2010

How to create address labels using Open Office Mail Merge Calc 3.0.0 on Ubuntu 8.10Image via Wikipedia

First, go to Open Office and download your free productivity suite.

In the past, I addressed all my Christmas labels by hand.  What a pain.  After spending way too much time on doing THAT this year, I finally figured out how to do a Mail Merge to create address labels using Open Office.  The reason for using Open Office is, it is free, as I do not have Microsoft Office on my laptop and I hate to pay for something I can get free.  If you are used to Microsoft Office Mail Merge, you might have some difficulty, but follow my instructions for using Open Office, as I have condensed the instructions into an easy to understand format, I hope.

If you have any confusion, use the Open Office docu Using Mail Merge to follow along with my instructions.  Both documents together might clear up any questions you have.  After you have downloaded Open Office and saved it to your desktop:

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Display Gadget on Windows Sidebar

You need to display a clock on your desktop so you can always see the current time at all times. 

  • Open Windows Sidebar
  • Add the Clock gadget to Windows Sidebar
  • Open Windows Sidebar Properties
  • Select the Start Sidebar when Windows starts option.
Gadgets are mini programs that run on your desktop that you can interact with.  You can add gadgets by starting Windows Sidebar and clicking the Add (+) button.  Double-clicking the Clock gadget will add it to Windows Sidebar.  To configure Windows Sidebar to start when Windows starts, right-click Windows Sidebar and choose Properties.  Then select the Start Sidebar when Windows starts option to allow the Clock gadget to be visible when Kari starts her computer. 

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Set up network connection in a hotel

"Black-white 2 Vista" icon themeImage via Wikipedia

Your hotel has a wireless connection and you have a laptop with Windows Vista Business.  Your laptop already has a connection for another wireless network.  This connection allows your co-workers to access documents in the Public folder, located at C:\\Users\Public folder.  Your co-workers need to access these documents without providing authorization.  You need to connect to the hotel's wireless network without worrying about whether other hotel customers can access the documents.

You need to configure your laptop to allow you to switch between the networks seamlessly.

Change the hotel's wireless network to Public.  Turn off password protection.  Turn on network discovery.
Changing the hotel's wireless network to Public disables network discovery by default.  This prevents other hotel customers from viewing your computer.  Public does not mean your documents are public.  It means you are in a public place. Turning off password protection and turning on network discovery allows your co-workers to access the documents located on your laptop without providing authorization.

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Monday, November 22, 2010

Windows Aero features not displayed in Windows Vista

When you finally get it installed it looks pretty.Image by David Reeves via Flickr

Your Windows Vista computer's windows Aero features are not being displayed.  What is the problem?

You need to make sure you have the correct hardware installed, first and foremost.  To improve performance, Windows Vista disables Aero unless it detects appropriate hardware to support it.  Make sure your computer has a WDDM-compatible 128 MB graphics card that supports DirectX 9.0 and Pixel Shader 2.0.  The minimum requirements are:

  • 1 GHz 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor
  • 1 GB of random accesss memory (RAM)
  • 128 MB graphics card
For optimal results, you should make sure the color is set to 32 bit, the the monitor refresh rate is higher than 10 hertz (Hz), the theme is set to Windows Vista, the color scheme is set to Windows Aero‌, and window frame transparency is on.


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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Change the Behavior of the Elevation Prompt in Windows Vista

You are the administrator of your computer and you want to keep the elevation prompt from displaying when you try to make configuration changes.   How do you keep the prompt from displaying?

UAC is a new feature for Windows Vista that prevents unauthorized changes and silent installations.  The message displays to alert the user and get authorization before continuing with the configuration change.  This helps to prevent viruses from making changes to the computer without the user's permission. 

  • Open Contol Panel
  • Open Administrative Tools
  • Double click on Local Security Policy
  • On the Local Policies Tab, go to Security Options
  • Click on User Account Control:  Behavior of the elevation prompt for administrators in Admin Approval Mode
  • In the drop down box, select Elevate without prompting
  • Click ok
Getting Started with User Account Control on Windows Vista
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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

XML error message for RSS Feed

This icon, known as the "feed icon" ...Image via Wikipedia

When trying to view your RSS Feed in Internet Explorer, you receive an error message like this:

What do you do to resolve this?

  1. Open Internet Explorer
  2. Click on Internet Options
  3. Select the Content tab
  4. Open the Feeds Settings dialog box
  5. Go to Advanced and check the Turn on Feed Reading View box

This displays the feed in user-friendly content.
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Prevent Tracking in Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer 7 with Windows Vista runs in Protected Mode which prevents Component Object Model (COM) objects such as ActiveX controls, from modifying files and settings on your computer, thus making surfing the Web much safer.  Protected Mode is enabled by default in IE7. 

To turn off Protected Mode, though it is not advisable, go to Internet Options, select the Security Tab, then select the Enable Protected Mode option.

Another way to manipulate the Protected Mode option, is to put your cursor over the Protected Mode text at the bottom of your Internet Explorer browser window and double click.

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Working Offline in Windows Vista

You are leaving town to attend a business meeting tomorrow.  You will not have access to the network, but need to access some files in your folder at work while you are at the business meeting.

How do you configure Windows Vista to enable you to access the file in your work folder?

You do this by utilizing the Offline Files feature of Windows Vista.  Vista copies the network folders and files and places them on your computer.  When you are offline, Vista uses the local folders and syncs them with the network when you reconnect.

  • Go to Control Panel and select Offline Files - Classic View.
  • Enable Offline Files.
  • Restart your computer.
  • Open Windows Explorer (Windows button + E key) and navigate to the network file folder you are interested in.
  • Right click the folder and select Always Available Offline.
(If your internet connection is down or slow, you might want to work with the offline files stored on your computer instead of the network.  To do this, open the network file that you have made available offline, and on the Toolbar, click Work Offline.  When you are finished, click Work Online to sync and make the file available on the network again.)

Working with network files when you are offline
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Monday, November 15, 2010

Send and Receive Faxes

Windows Vista is one of Microsoft's latest cli...Image via Wikipedia

Below is the Microsoft link detailing the Windows Vista Fax and Scan Wizard.  If you are using a fax server, make sure you know the network address of the fax server, for example file://companyfaxserver/, and are connected to the Network.  If you are using a fax modem, make sure you have an analog phone line attached to your computer.  A digital phone will not work.  If you have an internal fax modem, Windows will detect it during setup.  If you have an external modem, connect it to the computer and turn it on before running the wizard.

Open Windows Fax and Scan
At the bottom of the left pane, choose Fax
Choose Fax Accounts from the Tools Menu
Follow the Wizard to set up a fax server or a fax modem

Set up your computer to send and receive faxes
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File and Printer Sharing in Windows Vista

Windows Vista is one of Microsoft's latest cli...Image via Wikipedia

You would like to set up a Windows Vista computer in your home office to host file and printer sharing. 
You need to do this while maintaining your security.

Go to the Network and Sharing Center and make sure file sharing and printer sharing is turned on.  Configure a share name for the Folder on the Sharing tab in the Folder's Properties Dialog box.  Configure Permissions in the Security tab of the Properties Dialog box.  Permissions are required to make the folder available over the network and identify who has access and what their rights are.  See the Microsoft link below to find out other ways to share files.

File Sharing Essentials
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Remove Internet Explorer ActiveX Controls or Add-ons

You only want ActiveX Controls or Add-ons that are approved by Microsoft or your computer manufacturer.  How do you do manage this?

Open Internet Explorer.
Go to Tools.
Select Manage Add-ons.
In the Show list, Click Add-ons that run without permission.

Internet Explorer add-ons: frequently asked questions
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Friday, November 12, 2010

Free MAC Antivirus

Macs don't have many virus problems because of their UNIX Operating System, but, just in case you are concerned about it, as I am, CNET.COM has a free download.  Click the link below...

Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac Home Edition

If you want to scan your other Mac devices like the ipad, iphone, or ipad touch, download the Panda software from CNET.COM and connect the device to your Mac...

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Monday, November 8, 2010

What is the difference between a printer and a print device?

Nanolab PrinterImage via Wikipedia

Which would be the BEST way to explain to a user the difference between a printer and a print device?

A printer is software that converts documents from computers into instructions for a print device to print on paper.

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Retro Virus

Endpoint antivirus software developed by SymantecImage via Wikipedia

What is a retrovirus?

A retrovirus attacks or is able to bypass anti-virus software.

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Multipart virus

BIOS at POST broken! with EFI GPT at boot sect...Image by m0n0lithic via Flickr

What is a multipart virus?

A multipart virus can infect executable files and the boot sector of your hard disk drive.  The virus resides in memory and infects boot sectors and executable files in your computer system.
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Sunday, November 7, 2010

How to tell if a computer has ACPI enabled

A woman typing on a laptopImage via Wikipedia

Jo just installed XP Home on his laptop computer. Jo is planning to travel frequently with his laptop in battery mode. When he is not using his laptop, he wants the laptop to go into standby mode. Jo cannot find the standby mode and does not think it is enabled. How do you determine if the laptop is ACPI (Advanced Configuration and Power Interface) enabled?

Go to My Computer.  Right click My Computer.  Click Manage.  Click Device Manager/click Computer. If the device is ACPI compliant, the device contained in the computer node will likely say ACPI Uniprocessor PC. If the device is not ACPI compliant, it will say Standard PC.

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Friday, November 5, 2010

Computer monitor print hard to read

A 10 × 10-pixel image on a computer display us...Image via Wikipedia

Craig is currently testing a new game that supports only a screen resolution of 1024x760 with 16 million colors. Craig changed the screen resolution but complains it is hard for him to read the items on the screen. What should you tell Craig to resolve the problem?

Change fonts dots per inch (DPI) setting. DPI represents the number of dots used to represent the font. The larger the setting is, the easier it is to read the font.

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Paper jams on a laser printer

huge laser printerImage by Digiart2001 | jason.kuffer via Flickr

You have been having frequent paper jam problems with your laser printer for the last year, even though the humidity in your office is never too high or too low.

What should you do?

Answer:  Install a maintenance kit.  Paper jams occur when a paper is stuck in the printer or due to malfunctioning pickup rollers and registration rollers.  Installing a maintenance kit will replace paper pickup rollers.  The maintenance kit includes a fuser, a transfer roller, a pickup roller, a registration roller, and six feed rollers.  After installing the maintenance kit, print a test page and reset the page counter.  If your printer has multiple paper trays, you will need to print a test page for each paper tray.

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Friday, October 29, 2010

Internet Explorer problems

Block diagram describing the architecture of I...Image via Wikipedia
You are having problems with Internet Explorer. When you visit a website, old pages seem to appear. At first, you thought the websites were not being updated, but then you checked the websites on another computer, and saw that the pages were different. What should you do to correct the problem?

On the General tab of Internet Options, in the Temporary Files section, click on the Settings tab. Four options are available to set for Internet Explorer to check for new web pages: Every visit to the page, Everytime you start Internet Explorer, Automatically, Never. It is likely you had the selection set to Never.
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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Local Users and Groups

Active DirectoryImage by arrayexception via Flickr

You hire temps to scan documents and print to a local printer in your office. The temps will be using one computer. Security settings do not permit the temps to access the local printer. The computer is a member of an Active Directory Domain and the all actions performed by the temps must be audited. What actions should be performed to allow the temps to print and to permit auditing of the temps activities?

Create five local user accounts. Because the temps will use only one computer, they will not have accounts in the domain.
Create a local group named Temps. You can then grant the Temps group access to the local printer.
Add each local account to the Temps local group.
Allow each Temp to log on using his or her local account. This allows audit settings to apply to the individual Temps.
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Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Block diagram describing the architecture of I...Image via Wikipedia

You are having problems using a bill payment Web application provided by your bank. Your computer runs MS Windows XP Pro with Internet Explorer. When you click on a link on the bank’s Web site, a message is presented indicating that cookies are not enabled. When you visit the link directly, this problem does not occur. What should you do?

Configure Internet Explorer to allow third party cookies.

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Monday, October 25, 2010

ActiveX Controls

flickr's new activex controlImage by sebestyenistvan via Flickr

The claims representatives in your company access a corporate Web site and and update customer claims. The Web site uses several unsigned ActiveX controls to enhance user experience. The Web server is located behind a firewall. A claims representative cannot use the site because he is unable to download ActiveX controls. No other users are experiencing the problem.

The Local Intranet zone should be configured to allow unsigned ActiveX controls to be downloaded and run. By default, the Local Intranet zone in configured to disable the downloading and running of unsigned ActiveX controls.

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Inkjet Printer

InkJet Printer HelpImage by Chris Pirillo via Flickr

 What is the function of the nozzle gate in an inkjet printer?

Answer:  Controls whether ink is flowing from the ink cartridge.  When an inkjet printer starts printing, the nozzle gate opens and allows the nozzle to spray ink onto the paper.  After printing is stopped, the nozzle gate shuts down to stop the flow of ink. 

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