Friday, November 12, 2010

Free MAC Antivirus

Macs don't have many virus problems because of their UNIX Operating System, but, just in case you are concerned about it, as I am, CNET.COM has a free download.  Click the link below...

Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac Home Edition

If you want to scan your other Mac devices like the ipad, iphone, or ipad touch, download the Panda software from CNET.COM and connect the device to your Mac...

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  1. What anti-virus software has effective way to protect my computer?

  2. For Windows computers, Microsoft Essentials Antivirus is free and secure. It can be downloaded from the Microsoft site. Microsoft Essentials was voted in Sept. of 2011 as the most popular antivirus software in North America and the most popular in the world. Microsoft Security Essentials automatically checks for and downloads virus definition updates which are published three times a day to Microsoft Update. Check Wikipedia for a complete write up and list of awards given to Microsoft Essentials.


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