Thursday, March 3, 2011

Iphone4 Crash

Did you open an app on your iphone4 and the iphone suddenly crash or shut down? 

When you open an app on the iphone, it leaves the application open so you don't have to reopen it the next time you want to use it. This is a benefit of multitasking, one of the features of iOS4

If too many apps are open, your iphone could suddenly shut down. You might also notice your battery draining faster than it used to. The more apps open on your iphone, the faster the battery drains.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Windows Hang and Crash Dump Analysis Webcast Review

Recently, I spent an exciting Saturday watching and documenting a Sysinternal's webcast by Windows expert, Mark Russinovich, entitled, Windows Hang and Crash Dump Analysis. Mark takes you step by step into the internals of Windows to help you better understand how system crashes happen, what caused the crash, and how to fix it.

These are my notes I took during the Webcast. On a separate afternoon, while writing this blog, I tested WinDbg. Included in this documentation, are additional notes about what I did to create a crash dump, using the program Mark wrote called NotMyFault, and how I tested WinDbg. I am hoping the hours I spent watching and documenting the webcast will be useful one day to me and to my blog readers. The entire process has been a learning experience and very gratifying. 

And now, the Webcast....