Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Set up network connection in a hotel

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Your hotel has a wireless connection and you have a laptop with Windows Vista Business.  Your laptop already has a connection for another wireless network.  This connection allows your co-workers to access documents in the Public folder, located at C:\\Users\Public folder.  Your co-workers need to access these documents without providing authorization.  You need to connect to the hotel's wireless network without worrying about whether other hotel customers can access the documents.

You need to configure your laptop to allow you to switch between the networks seamlessly.

Change the hotel's wireless network to Public.  Turn off password protection.  Turn on network discovery.
Changing the hotel's wireless network to Public disables network discovery by default.  This prevents other hotel customers from viewing your computer.  Public does not mean your documents are public.  It means you are in a public place. Turning off password protection and turning on network discovery allows your co-workers to access the documents located on your laptop without providing authorization.

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