Wednesday, October 20, 2010


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  1. You work for an accounting firm. Kathie and David are responsible for handling all of the company contracts. Kathie created the database, and she is currently the owner of the file. She is currently out of the office, and she will not be back for five days. David needs to make changes to the database. However, David is only granted Read permissions on the file. Kathie must be able to make changes to the database when she returns. She is granted only Modify permissions on the file. Both Kathie and David use the same computer,which runs XP Pro on an NT files system. Neither Kathie or David is a member of the local administrators group. What tasks should you perform to allow David to perform the database?
Take ownership of the file and grant write permissions on the file to David. Only administrators, owners, or users who have the Full permission can modify file and folder permissions. Write permissions will allow David to change the file.
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