Sunday, February 13, 2011

Troubleshooting Workgroup Connections

A common network configuration is a workgroup consisting of a few computers.  Each computer is connected to a router or hub, through an Ethernet cable or wirelessly, in order to share files or printers in a small office or home.  Problems connecting in this type of network can occur for many reasons.

Part of the troubleshooting process is to verify the computer name and the workgroup name.  The user could have changed the name of the workgroup or name of the computer in the Systems Properties dialog box, ran Network Connections Wizard, or Network Setup Wizard.

One way of checking the computer name, user nameworkstation domain, and other info is by using the command-line utility net config workstation.

Go to Start
Click Run
Type cmd to access the DOS command prompt
Type net config workstation
Press Enter

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