Friday, February 18, 2011

Problems with your DVD-ROM CD-ROM drives

You are having problems accessing your DVD-ROM and CD-ROM drives. The problem happened after you opened an email attachment. You need to make sure your drivers are the correct versions. However, you do not know how to do that. What should you do that will allow you to determine whether correct versions of the drivers are installed?

Run the DRIVERQUERY command-line tool.

  • Open a command prompt window.
  • Type driverquery /? (to get a list of the driverquery options)
  • Type driverquery | more (to see a pageview display of drivers). note: the | sign on the keyboard is the broken line above the \
Driverquery is a quick way to generate a of list of installed drivers on your system.  However, in my opinion, a better way is to use DriverView, a free utility from NirSoft. DriverView works under all versions of Windows except for 98 and ME.

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    1. While accessing DVD ROM and CD ROM most of the persons are facing some troubleshooting, but we are just blessed with some valuable points and tricks for recovery.


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