Friday, July 15, 2011

Blogger in Draft: Customize Your Favicon

Blogger has added a new feature to replace the infamous blogger favicon with our very own customized favicon.

I knew the developers would get around to creating a method for bloggers to display their own unique brand in place of the orange B eventually. Too bad, I spent countless hours this past winter investigating and testing how to get my

PC Repair North Shore favicon working.

Obsessed with finding a way to display my own favicon, I can't tell you how gratifying it was to me when I finally accomplished my goal. Now, looking back, it seems like it should have been easier. I am a computer technician, not a web designer.

If you have trouble getting the Blogger methodology to work, and it seems from the comments I have viewed that some people are, you can try creating your favicon my way, detailed on my website, in the following blog. My way works in Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer.

The following link is the Blogger way. I have not tried it the Blogger way, but, if it works, it should be gravy.

Blogger in Draft: Customize Your Favicon

Have fun!

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  3. this is really nice. your site is awesome

  4. Having a customized Favicon is like customizing your workplace. So happy for you and your team!


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