Thursday, January 6, 2011

Laptop shuts down intermittently

My daughter's friend, Lily, brings her laptop to me with a complaint that the computer shuts down intermittently.  After investigating, I determine there is no fan sound coming from the laptop.  The fan has apparently quit working, causing the laptop to shut down when it over heats.  However, Lily does not want to spend the money to purchase a new fan. 

It occurred to me, that while browsing in the computer section of Staples once (one of my favorite pastimes), I saw a laptop desk tray with a fan built into it to keep the laptop from overheating, since laptops have a tendency to overheat while sitting on top of your lap.  At the time, I thought it was a gimmick that no one would ever spend the extra money on.  I quickly took a spin down to Staples and purchased one.  And, would you believe it?  It solved the problem of Lily's laptop shutting down. 

I tested by removing the laptop tray and within one minute, the laptop shut down.  I did this several times to confirm.  As long as the laptop sat on top of the laptop tray and the fan was plugged in, the computer stayed operational!  I instructed Lily to leave the fan on when she uses the laptop.  This was about six months ago.  I just spoke to her last night, and her laptop is still running fine!
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