Thursday, April 28, 2011

Connection Problems with Mail on the Mac

Are you having problems with your Mac sending or receiving Mail?

There could be a problem with connecting the internet or to a mail server.

Find out what is causing the problem by clicking on Window, located on the menu across the top of the Mail app, then scroll down to Connection Doctor. Connection Doctor checks each of your incoming and outgoing connections and displays a window describing the problem.

A red status button indicates Mail is unable to connect to the internet. Click Network Diagnostics to help restore the internet connection.

A red status button when you are connected to the internet, indicates a problem with your mail account setup or the mail server. Follow the instructions in the Details column. Double click the text to open up the account in Mail Preferences so you can check the account setup.

Sometimes Mail gets hung up or freezes while in the process of sending or receiving mail. Click on Window and then scroll down to Activity to see what tasks are being processed. Click the Stop icon next to any task to stop it.

Using Connection Doctor
Viewing Mail Activity

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