Wednesday, February 23, 2011

How to run Windows Memory Diagnostics Tool

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You are having various application problems on your computer. You think the computer's RAM might be failing and you want to check it using the Windows Vista Memory Diagnostics tools. 

How do you run the Windows Vista Memory Diagnostics tools?

  1. Run msdsched.exe with elevated rights. Go to Start / type cmd / right click / select Run as Administrator
  2. Choose the option to restart now and check for problems. You also have the option to restart and run the tool later
  3. Press F1 when the Memory Diagnostics interface appears to enter the Advanced options for running the Memory Diagnostics Tool
  4. Under Test Mix, choose Extended to run all of the available tests
  5. Press F10 to run the tests
  6. Start the computer and view the results. The diagnostics results will appear once you boot the computer back into Windows.

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