Saturday, July 17, 2010

File Recovery

Free software for file recovery can be found here:  Pandora Recovery - Free software

CNET also has a free app called Tech Tracker that will tell you when the software is out of date and lets you download an update.  You can also choose to be emailed when there is an update to Pandora Recovery.  What's better than that!

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  1. I recently purchased a new computer and didn't
    have any idea as to moving all information from
    my old computer into the new one. Tina spent
    many hours with me,and I am by no means
    a computer guru and was able to make me understand not only what she was doing, but why. Her instruction was priceless and I am sure will be of the greatest help in the future.....Bill Laderer

  2. My ancient Windows ME system with all my musical recordings on it, died and I could not revive it.
    I called Tina, and not only did she come and pick it up the next day, she was able to recover all my files, and got it up and running as good as new. I consider myself extremely lucky to have found Tina Thorsen, who not only has the required knowledge, experience and skills, but also honesty, integrity and a great work ethic. Don't go anywhere else for PC problems.


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