Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Which connectors are used with fiber-optic cabling?

ST optical fiber connector.Image via Wikipedia
The ST and SC connectors are the two most popular connectors available for fiber-optic cabling.  Other common fiber-optic connectors are FC, FDDI, LC, D4, MU, MT, AND MT-RJ.

The following is the ST (an AT&T trademark) connector.  The ST connector, also called the Straight Tip connector, uses a push-and-turn-to-lock system.   ST is probably the most popular connector for multimode networks, like most buildings and campuses.

The following is an SC connector, also called a Square Connector or Standard Connector, or Set and Click.  The SC connector has a molded plastic plug casing and a push/pull locking system.  At first, it was not widely used because it was much more expensive than the ST.  But, now it is only a little more expensive and very common.


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