Thursday, September 24, 2009

Problems with your mouse pointer?

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If you are having problems with your mouse pointer in Windows XP, try to adjust the hardware acceleration. Adjusting the hardware acceleration will allow you to set the way Windows works with the video card and driver.  A lower setting might be needed if the video driver cannot exchange information with the video card and the Operating System at an accelerated rate.  Go to Start/Control Panel.  Click on Display.  Then, select Settings and Advanced.  Next, select Troubleshoot and adjust Hardware Acceleration.  Hardware Acceleration should be set to Full if your computer has no problems.

You will need to experiment with the setting to see which one works best.  First, adjust the hardware acceleration one notch to the left.  This setting might resolve your mouse pointer problem.  Restart your computer and test before adjusting again.  Do not adjust all the way to the left as this could give you unpredictable results.
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  1. Thanks for this reminder on what to do if the mouse is not working well. I am sure that many people will find it helpful. I learned some of these facts many years ago but have forgotten them over time, since I rarely use them. I hardly use keyboard shortcuts. I hope that your readers continue to benefit from informative posts on computer accessories such as this one.


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