Thursday, June 11, 2009

Creating an ASR Disk in Windows XP

The boot.ini file is the file that the OS looks at to determine where the files are to boot the OS. It is in the root of the C drive.

You should make sure the VIEW is set in Folder Options to see all of the operating and system files so that you can see the boot.ini file.

Press F8 to access Advanced boot options:
  1. Safe Mode
  2. Safe Mode with Networking
  3. VGA Mode
WinXP has a tool that allows you to backup the OS to disk. This disk allows you to use this along with the Windows CD to get you back where you were before the system crashed. This doesn't back up data.
It creates an Automated System Recovery Disk. This allows you to recover from a hard disk system crash. You should create an ASR as soon as you have a system created, especially if you have a complicated configuration.


  • Create on floppy or USB external drive.

If you need to recover, insert the windows CD and the ASR recovery disk at the same time so they can talk to each other.
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